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A Decade in the Market

For the past decade, we have been making website design easier for you

Whatever you do, don’t ever doubt the ability of a group of extremely skilful designers and developers endowed with uncommon passion for achieving great things together to bring about a big change in the internet industry. For more than a decade now, we have been in business, and right from the inception, TechnologyPoint has always bring about innovations to the way websites are designed through the use of specialized web templates. Indeed, you can design a website on your own; however, we are specialists in designing extremely powerful start –up websites all within a reasonable budget limit.  We provide you a cost- effective template that is highly enhanced for SEO as well as improved speed performance. Besides, we  provide you with the opportunity to be totally in control of the content, functionality and the design of your website. What this means is that you have the ability to edit everything all by yourself.

The team at TechnologyPoint comprise of wonderful and close-knitted group of extremely experienced individuals who put all their skills into use in helping you create wonderful websites in the right manner


People Preferred Us
Now more people would be coming to Technology Point to get their themes

You may probably be asking what separates us from other web template providers.  Well at TechnologyPoint, it all started with just one simple idea; it is our core believed that everybody should have an expertly designed website without any difficulty.  Therefore in order to make this a reality, we made it quite easy for everyone, either web savvy individuals, or just a newbie to design and customize new websites using a template.  All that is required of you is to dedicate just few hours of your time and you have an amazing website.

By so doing, we have established great relationship from being yet another face in the marketplace to being the one that people actually needs. We are greatly cherished by our customers because of our knack for developing high-quality and long-lasting products which we are consistently improving. This has made our customers not just like our web templates, they love it!

Extensive Variety of Products
Our library is currently the largest on the Internet
One thing that TecnnologyPoint is extremely committed to is qualitative website design. Within just a few hours, you will be able to successfully build a website using our templates; this would have certainly taken you months to achieve if you are to make use of your own normal design. Right now, for any online business, template has become an essential commodity. Having said that, you can take our word for it that our product is the most stress-free and best way to build any website. You are able to achieve a lot more with lesser resources. Using filters and additional search features, you can easily find the right template for you out of over 26,000 templates in our collection. Moreover, every month, we are consistently adding an average of 450 to 500 brand new designs covering wide range of templates.  You can easily locate the best themes based on the specifications and other options provided. Check the different categories covers by our products below:
  • Website Design & Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Facebook Layouts
  • Experimental Design & Technology
  • Moving Content
  • Website Design & Development

Do you have any enquiries about selecting, buying or maybe how our templates can be edit? Our live chat support or phone operators will gladly help you out. They are very talented specialists attending to all the challenges you may come across with quiet professionalism and commitment. You can easily access this service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In addition, our online help center further provides you with simple tutorials on how you can customize and install things. Here, we carefully explained the most common questions often asked by our clients and visitors, you can also get simple tutorials as well as guides on quick starts, you get product descriptions as well as important updates. And if for any reason you are not able to get an immediate answer to your query, you may proceed to open a ticket and you will get the instant assistance of our tech support expert.

What You Stand to GainWith TechnologyPoint
Our company can do so much more for you

We have a very clear understanding that the primary need of our customers is a product of extremely high quality, and with unshaken believed that creating a qualitative website is best achieved using a professional web template, the team at TechnologyPoint is constantly challenged to produce only the best for each of our website templates, but then it is not just about us, what do you really stand


  • Different template, different price alternatives: every product comes with different price options, therefore you can go for a single website, Developer’s site or you might prefer a Buyout license, it all depends on your goals and what you want to achieve. In addition, you can also order for hosting or installation services
  • Customization of Templates: If you are not so good in editing template by yourself, you can request for customization service and be sure that we will edit  the content, colour pattern, logo and other necessary tweaks will be effected by us
  • Extremely Powerful built-in features: Once you buy a template, access to countless built-in – features will be granted tom you, we have them in our possession more than any other person. This all comes with the template package without hidden charges.
  • All source files attached: when you purchase a CMS based theme, standard HTML template, eCommerce website design and any additional template from us at TechnologyPoint, the whole source files is provided in just one template download pack.
  • Free licensed stock photos: At TechnologyPoint, we make up to 15 licensed stock photos available to you for every template without any cost for a life-time usage within a given template, therefore you can get qualitative high resolution images relevant to a given theme or group.
  • Free sample templates: free downloadable templates are available on our websites, you can make use of these to learn necessary skills you will need to work in any product category, before purchasing the product that is most suitable for you.
  • Specialize offers and personalization: At TechnologyPoint, We can use a deal or special offer to personalize your purchase, this can come in form of some training course, designer’s bundle, protection pack for hackers and spammer, SEO boost offer or even copyright protection service.
  • Clear guidance on your purchase: At TechnologyPoint, we help you in selecting a perfect theme for your website. In addition, we provide you information on the right place to go and the appropriate thing to do in case something unexpected occurs or if you have any query.